Christian Vocation Is A Life Calling From God Essay examples

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Christian vocation is a life calling from God, relating to work, personal growth, career and often marriage. All baptised Christian are called to live a vocation of priest, prophet and king, three anointed figures in the Old Testament. Jesus lived as an example of all three offices, his very name, ‘Messiah’, meaning the ‘anointed’ one. In living a priestly life, Christians are required to make sacrifices and walk in fellowship with God. Jesus fulfilled both these tasks, further acting as the perfect mediator between God and people. He fulfilled his prophetic duties, serving as the voice of God. Whilst Jesus ruled over the kingdom of God, he also served and taught his people. This is evident in his washing of the apostle’s feet. Mary MacKillop lived an inspirational life. She is an exceeding example for modern Christians striving to fulfil these three roles, exercising personal sacrifice; speaking the true word of God, even when condemned for doing so; and serving as a leader within the church.
In the Old Testament, the most significant job of the priest was to offer sacrifices to god, for thanksgiving or the atonement of sin. They acted as mediators between God and the people, uniting divinity and humanity. Priests walk in fellowship and are aligned to God through their adoration of him. Jesus was the greatest high priest. He was the perfect mediator, being both fully human and fully divine himself. He lives forever, making intercessions on the behalf of the people. Perhaps…

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