Essay on Christ Is The Reason For My School

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As a Catholic school principal it is my duty to ensure that the needs of students are considered and that if a need can be met, we will make every effort to do so. At our school, “Our Mission is to nurture and develop the spiritual, academic, social and emotional promise of each child in accordance with the teaching of the Catholic Church, rooted in Gospel values and led by the examples of the Master Teacher, Jesus Christ” (Saint Thomas More Cathedral School, n.d., para. 1). Therefore I see, “This life of Christ within me makes me who I am, and guides me do what I do. Based on this foundation, I believe that Christ is the reason for my school and I am drawn to follow His example by striving to find ways to educate His children with their unique gifts, needs, and abilities” (Adams, 2015). This means that when I considered all of the curriculum options proposed to me, the one that I decide that we would be implementing will be the acquiring of assistance to meet the needs of our ELL students.
My curriculum decision was based partially on data and partly on our school’s learning philosophies such as that our school, “believes in recognizing the diversity of our school and community while training all students to understand and appreciate our unity in the teachings of the universal Church” (Saint Thomas More Cathedral School, n.d., para 2). Looking at the data for my school of 700, we are accepting around 10% of our students that are English Language Learners, ELL…

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