Choosing A Professional Sport Reporter Essay

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Choosing a profession in sports allows several job opportunities in multiple areas. Whether it is a college or a professional sport, there will always be a demand for what has become one of the greatest past-times in our culture. A great career in the sports world would be a sports journalist, also called a sports reporter. “A sports reporter writes about and reports on amateur and professional sports.” (What is Sports 2016) For somebody interested in becoming a sports reporter, there are many different things to consider such as: the job requirements, education needed, and the salary.
“As a sports journalist, you can expect a variety of job duties such as reporting game statistics, interviewing coaches and players, and offering game commentary.” (What is Sports 2016) In order to be able to do this, one would need to have extensive knowledge over which sport or team they are covering. Also for this job, announcers must remain utterly neutral, simply delivering the facts (Ferguson, 2010). A sports reporter also generally needs to be friendly when interviewing people. Nobody wants to watch or listen to somebody who sounds mad. One would need to be upbeat and willing to make` conversation with people they are interviewing in order to make it a good interview.
In order to succeed at this career a college education and degree will be very helpful when trying to land a job. One of the best places in Arkansas to go to college in order to become a sports reporter would be Arkansas…

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