Chinese Labor relations Essay

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Chinese Labor Relations

Labor relations in China have become more and more complex, labor conflicts have occurred frequently, and thus labor disputes have been growing with a rate much faster than that of the development of GDP in the past decade. They could become a potential obstacle to the economic development if not appropriately managed. The paper studies the condition of labor relations, and probes the profound reasons for it, and compares it across the world in order to give a description for it.
Since the mid of 1990s, accompanied with the deepening of economy reform of China, most social and economic relationships have been undergoing formidable transformation and the social and
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Considering that the work time of rural employees was one-fifth longer than that of urban employees, the calculated gap of payment rate between them was nearly one third. There was also great gap between them in welfares such as the pension, medical insurance and unemployment insurance, of which the coverage rates between them have the differences of 42%,41 % and 44%, respectively. The working and living conditions in some enterprises were also bad. In recent years, some mineral organizations did not take adequate protection measures for the employees and so many serious emergencies occurred. It was more common that many employers had supreme authority to their employees, and employees' rights were frequently invaded. Punishment, abuse or limitation to freedom of employees occurred often, which aggravated the labor relations.
Attention should also be paid to the status of labor relations in informal organizations in cities, where most rural employees were attracted. Since these firms were often small-sized, and had no normal regulations, and the authorities could not carry out efficient supervisions, the labor relations in these firms were even complex. It was difficult to get useful information about them and thus the objective research of labor relations in them was very difficult, which might explain the lack of studies as to them. However, the employment within these organizations was so huge, and most

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