Chinese Immigrants Case Study

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The number of migrants to Australia experienced an increasing trend in the past three decades. It is partly because of the expansion and implement of business migration programs encouraged by the Australian government since the 1990s. The main purpose of these migration programs is to meet the requirements of skills and techniques in the Australian labor market (Simon,2012).

However, early Australian migrants were mostly British. It was not until the Australia Gold Rush that Chinese were attracted to Australia. The White Australia policy had previously restricted and reduced Australia’s ethnic Chinese population during the first half of the 20th century (Inglis, 1999). Following the abolition of “White Only” policy, a large
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For instance, Chinese entrepreneurs are unfamiliar with the Australian accent and the language barrier top the list of problems faced by Chinese entrepreneurs. Therefore, Chinese entrepreneurs are not able to create an effective communication with local consumers. Another problem faced by Chinese entrepreneurs is the racial discrimination which blocks their opportunities to run the successful business. For example, all Chinese-made furniture was to be labelled with “Chinese labour” which can be as a symbol of cheap and low-cost goods (Yuan ,1988). In addition, Chinese furniture makers and laundry keepers were not permitted to sponsor Chinese migrants to help in their business.重复了抄袭了我很方啊···what’s worse, Australian government did not allow new Chinese migrants to participate in furniture-making or laundry-keeping businesses. Thus, the labor is not sufficient to run a company.

To sum up, this paper identifies the status of Chinese entrepreneurs in Australia and discusses the key cultural factors that help Chinese entrepreneurs to build up successful businesses in their host country. Chinese businessmen appear to be successful and contribute to economic growth of Australia. The main reason hidden behind the success of Chinese entrepreneurs in Australia is not equal to the complete assimilation into the mainstream culture but the ability to live between the domestic culture and the mainstream culture in

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