Essay about China 's Influence On China

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China is a very large country in eastern Asia that has seen its fair share of ups and downs throughout history. Today, China is the most populated country in the world with 1.3 billion people living within its borders. China went through many dynasties as it grew and evolved, each adding to the rich and diverse culture of the Chinese. Some of these dynasties lasted hundreds of years, whereas some were brief in their control. The Yuan dynasty came to be in 1279 and lasted until 1368. The Yuan dynasty in China was brief however it was very impactful to the world we know today. The yuan dynasty officially began in 1279 when Kublai, a Mongol king, led the conquest of the Song in China. The Yuan dynasty was part of the Mongol empire that swept through much of Asia all the way to Eastern Europe at one time. The Mongol people were nomadic and primarily raised sheep and horses. They were formidable mounted warriors and travelled many miles on horseback all over the countryside. It was around the 13th century that the Mongols started to make a presence and began conquering cities and trade routes. The Mongols quickly had a reputation of being uncivilized mass destroyers; sacking cities, disrupting trade, and “building towers of the heads of their conquered foes.” The Mongols used this fear and terror to control conquered peoples. Mass murder and torture of captives were both common under Mongol commanders.
Kublai was a strong man who had a powerful presence. He reigned as the Great…

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