China 's Cooperation And Agreement Essay

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China’s cooperation and agreement is also a significant factor in bringing the Korean reunification. However, China’s support is uncertain, which this acts as a challenging factor that the United States and South Korea have to solve. Although China used to have a very close relationship with the DPRK and would stand on the DPRK’s side, their relationship has been worsening and cooling throughout the years, which China will no longer assist the DPRK in the case of the reunification. In contrast, the relationship between China and South Korea has been improving and has become much better than that of China and the DPRK. Despite of the changes in China’s relationships with the ROK and DPRK, China’s basis for the Korean Peninsula remains to focus on preserving stability and avoiding conflict and violence near its northeast border at all cost . China has been very careful and cautious when dealing with the DPRK, even when the DPRK poses threat on its neighbors. As China regards stability as the most important, any reunification scenario that could raise the chance of violence, refugee flows, or escalated tensions near its border with North Korea would be unacceptable for them . The only way to win China’s support is to persuade China that the reunification is beneficial, which the principles of the reunification will be based on a market economy and free democracy. However, it is almost impossible for the United States and South Korea to talk about such subject with China because…

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