Chimpanzee And Human Behaviour

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I find the study of Chimpanzee and Human behaviour to be a very fascinating subject. Primatology is a field of study that helps us understand many different aspects of how primate’s function and how we are able to compare it to how human’s behaviour and social skills adapt and develop much differently in society. The article I read focuses on this specific topic and shows us how humans and apes develop different social skills from a young age. Even though chimpanzees are our closest living relatives and we share similar DNA, we evidently develop completely different learning and socials skills than them. I think by studying this process it helps us give a broader idea and aspect to the evolution of both primates and humans and how we connect …show more content…
This human behaviour comes naturally to us, but not to primates. Chimpanzees were more interested in the purpose of the object and what the object has to offer. They played around with the object to examine what worth it provides to them but ended up only using it as a source of entertainment. While the child is more focused on the other person, and what they can do to help or please them, to earn the approval from them. Primates rely on themselves and their parents to be able to function in their environment, utilizing and testing the objects around them to learn their purpose and what they have to offer to help them. They achieve a better understanding through trying and failing, so they know what they did wrong and can fix their errors in the future. I think this is what gives us our advantage over primates. Primates do learn from each other by copying what they see the other is doing and are very dependant from a young age just like us humans. But we are able to understand our emotions and the emotions of others by studying the expressions and body language from other human beings and use that to make rational

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