Essay on Children 's Social Studies Skills

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Another content area I would like to mention is social studies, play centers to develop children’s social studies skills is dramatic center and block center. Both play center give opportunities for young children to act out adult roles and develop their social skills by communicating and interacting with each other. The dramatic center would have costumes and props and materials to engage children in work and family roles. Center may have items to set up a grocery store, restaurant, doctor’s office, fire station, police station, school, kitchen, and post office. To integrate social studies concept in block center the caregiver should include various types of blocks, plastic animals, toy cars, trains, planes, multi cultural figures, a non-working phone, street signs, other natural material like shells, stones, and ropes. Both the play center should have writing materials like paper, pen, pencil, and markers.
To integrate social studies caregiver should motivate children to play and build their block structures in groups, encourage children to discuss and describe their structures, observe and assess children’s thinking and guide them if needed. Caregiver should add props to dramatic center according to children’s interest and allow them to move stuff from other centers if needed. Provide children with information on various workers, services, and institutions.
Dramatic play allows children with emotional disability to act out, express their feelings, and communicate their…

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