Children With Learning Disabilities Into Mainstream Education

1415 Words Feb 24th, 2016 6 Pages
In the UK more and more parents are finding themselves having to put their children who have learning disabilities into mainstream education. One of the main reasons for this is that the government have not got enough money to fund schools or to train teachers to look after children who have these learning disabilities. Another reason for the increase in children with learning disabilities in mainstream education is that there are not enough schools to take in these children. Also the ones we have are already full and almost at breaking point. More and more classes around the UK have at least one or two children with a learning disability, and people are beginning to think about the affect they have on the class, one the teachers and on the child.
A class in which there are pupils with learning disabilities can be seen as being an advantage. This is because children haven’t got a clear understanding of differences and knowing one of their peers has a learning disability can in the future help the pupils have an understanding of their fellow peer and their disability. Also it can help the child tolerate and accept those with learning disabilities. This in time will spread into the child developing an understanding of not just learning disabilities but other differences that set their future peers and colleagues apart from them. This helps the child in the future as it will develop the child’s empathy toward the peers and they can take this skill out of school and use it in…

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