Essay Children Should Not Be Treated with Antidepressants

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Although there are some reasons for children to take medications for their health, they should not be treated with antidepressants for many reasons. Many remember the trend in the 1960s and 1970s that inspired the film Valley of the Dolls. Housewives were taking Valium as if it were candy. Today, things have changed. The Antidrug commercials urge parents to get help and their children off drugs too. At the same time, parents are on the other hand urged to keep their children in check. In this pill popping society, children who misbehave are no longer tolerated. There is no more "boys will be boys" mentality anymore and children who misbehave and are disruptive are often recommended Ritalin or some other drug to make the Teachers day a bit …show more content…
According to the FDA there were 10.8 million prescriptions written for things like Paxil, Zoloft, and Prozac for children under the age of eighteen. You would think that in a society that does not agree with the use of weed, a substance that has yet to be proven harmful, there would be something done before so many children had taken their lives. Doctors are put on a pedestal. If a child is diagnosed with depression, the parent thinks that he or she is being a good parent by following up and giving their children antidepressants witch are prescribed by a doctor. The medication makes life easier for the families and feeds the pockets of the pharmaceutical and medical companies.

Whether the medical community is prescribing the drug to really help children and their families is arguable. In any case, there is proof that the side effects of these drugs can be devastating. There are reports that some of the adverse effects of antidepressants include hostility, extreme agitation, homicide, and suicide. It is true that the children who began taking the drug had problems to begin with but once a child is on the drug and murders his classmate who is to say that the medicine didn't trigger him to do it as a side effect? Perhaps he would have never done it with out medication. Although it is true that in some cases maybe these antidepressants work and children who have depression are helped for life, these cases are few and

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