Children Should Be Mandatory Vaccinations Essay

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Vaccines stimulate the production of antibodies to provide your body against many diseases. “Vaccines … have been proven to be safe, and what happens if you don’t take vaccines is children get measles and die. So the anti-vaccine crowd has … kept measles around in a way … it’s a tragedy, because so much is done to make sure these things are safe” (Oshinsky). Vaccines are developed and manufactured by scientists in order to prevent the population from contracting a disease and/or potentially dying from one. This is currently a controversial topic where people debate whether all children should receive vaccinations or not. There are many reasons why all children should be required to receive specific vaccines before entering a school environment, most importantly because this not only protects the child who is vaccinated but also the children who are in close proximity to them the classroom. Although there are people who oppose the idea of mandated vaccines, it has been proven that the benefits far out weigh the risks.
When a doctor mentions a child needing vaccinations parents should seek medical advice and ask questions based on the vaccinations. Some of those questions that arise are, what do immunizations do? What age should children receive vaccinations? What vaccinations do schools require for entrance? Also what are the safety risks with vaccinations?
The purpose of immunizations is to protect your body from harmful diseases. “Immunization is the process whereby…

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