Children Of Hope For Children Essay

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According to Homes of Hope for Children (2006), the purpose “is to serve children in crisis throughout Mississippi by providing strong, Christian homes for every child that lives on campus while ensuring that each child is loved unconditionally and has their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs met”. The agency is set up to provide children a home, to educate them, and provide them with care. The agency is designed for children that might have been abused or neglected from their biological parents.
Audience’s Prior Training and Education 1
The parents at the agency has a little training in providing care to children because before they beginning the job they have to attend different workshops. Andrew, the male parent has worked as a small business underwriting team leader for AIG and has ministry experience. Erica, the female parent was a stay – at- home mother. By becoming a houseparent God called the parents into full time ministry after working in the secular workforce for six and a half years.
Audience’s Access to Tools and Techniques
The agency has a fully furnished home. It consists of bed/beds in each room. It has bathrooms, a living room, kitchen, washer and dryer area, and outside area to play. The agency also has a place for all the girls’ hair bows. They do have a small playground for the kids to play. The family has internet access, and have access to watch television or movies. They also have a counselor to talk to the children in order to try to keep them…

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