Children Need A Good Father Figure Essay

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Children Need a Good Father Figure In the United States one out of three children live without a father in their home (Sanders). Children live in a fatherless home because prison, divorce, unexpected pregnancy, death, and the military. “There are 2.7 million children with a parent in prison or jail.” “Ninety-two percent (92%) of parents in prison are fathers. Most—2 out of 3 inmates—will reoffend and be back in prison” (Sanders). When a father does come home from prison, they need to develop good fathering skills otherwise the child might as well be fatherless. It should be easier for fathers to present in their children’s lives. This could be done by allowing fathers to be fathers from prison and developing the parenting skills. The effects of a father not being present should be resolved by mandatory visitation and parenting classes. If a father is thought to be putting other lives in danger, they should by no means be allowed to see their children. Children not being able to see their father is better than putting their lives in danger. “Exposure to post-separation threats or assaults on the mother can impede children 's emotional healing. In a recent case of ours, for example, a child 's violent nightmares began again, after ceasing for over a year, following his witnessing of frightening verbal aggression by his father during an exchange for visitation” (Bancroft). A child can be dangered or even just emotionally damaged. A good father has a positive relationship…

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