Children Are The Future As Many People Say Essay

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Children are the future as many people say. Children, even as young as the age of three are influenced by the actions of others around them. Perhaps the most influential people in a child’s life are the child’s parents. As a child grows and develops, that influence begins to govern a greater area of the person’s life. When time comes to search for a possible mate, often will a person look to their parents for guidance on the matter?
So then what happens when the parents are divorced?Are the children of divorced parents predisposed to divorce, or do they simply choose their own path of marriage?As
Dr. Jane Rosen-Grandon points out, “Children whose parents are divorced may be predisposed to consider the option of divorce more readily” (Rosen-Grandon, par. 5). The children are indeed predisposed to having a divorce because they have been genetically
(though the certainty of the effect of genes on all children is still up in the air), mentally, and physically been exposed to divorce in their youth, and therefore see divorce as an attainable option in their adult life.
In a study conducted by the New Scientist magazine, the researchers found that
“Genetic makeup has a strong influence on whether or not your marriage will last” (Muir, par. 1). While the study was only conducted on identical twins, the results were astonishing. The researchers studied a group of approximately 8000 twins, both identical and non-identical, over a period of twenty years, and the twins…

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