Children Are Becoming More Lazy And Spoiled Essay

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Mom, Dad, Leave Me Alone!
“A lot of parents will do anything for their kids except let them be themselves.” Banksy. A quote said by Banksy explains that parenting today is parents being so consumed in their kid’s life instead of letting them be themselves. Parents these days are always getting in their kids business and not letting their kids do things themselves because they are so concerned with the image their child portrays to others and so they live up to their parents standards. Instead of this being the effect, children are becoming more lazy and spoiled. (Exordium) Imagine always getting your way, having your parents get you out of punishments. Now few people do not need to imagine this scenario because this is how their life already is. (Understatement) Mom and dad cleaning their room, washing their clothes, and even packing their school lunches, but other then those basic everyday tasks, they help lessen the punishments their child carries out or even calls their teachers to ask why they did not get a certain grade. Parents, who are overprotective with their kids or take too much interest in their lives, are also known as helicopter parents. (Narration) Parents today should not be over involved in every aspect of their child’s life because it results in entitled children. (Thesis)
Over involved parents today is causing for kids to become lazy. (Simple) Once kids get to college and out into the real world they do not know how to care for themselves due to their over…

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