Essay on Childhood Is The Most Pleasant Time Of Our Life

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Childhood is the most pleasant time of our life, a time were nothing matters, a time of fun.Childhood is the most pleasant time of our life, a time where nothing matters, a time of fun.
As a child I was so happy, daring, and clever. My dad spoiled me so much. He always made sure I was dressed nicely, feed me every time I was hungry, and changed my diaper when it was soiled. I remember spending most of my time with him. His presence made me feel safe, loved, and protected, even when he was tired from work he would come in and show me affection. My grand mom also planned a big role in my life. She would buy me toys and books with care. It kept me happy when she would play with me and read me books with large pictures.As i got older I became more adventurous and daring. Me and my brothers would go to the park almost every day. We would try things like jumping off the jungle gym and a bunch of thing we weren’t really suppose to do. I end up hurting myself a lot but I still and to drive to do the same things. When I was around 8 I was so clever, clever in a smart way. When i was presented a problem I was able too solve it fast and easy. My intelligence was so high at my age I had an answer too everything. I used it to an advantage to where I could tricked my teachers and parents. Today a lot has changed Im less happy due too stress. Im more cautious not so much daring. I still remain clever thats something that wont change.

When I look at my personality I think about how far I…

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