Childhood Depression And Its Effects On Children Essay

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Have you ever gone through depression? It is most likely that the answer to this question is yes, but can a child go through depression? Yes. When we hear the word depression we usually imagine an adult going through depression but not a child, and yet it is more common than we think. Studies have shown that about 5% to 9% of children meet the criteria for a major depression regardless of their gender (Rathus, 2014).
What exactly is childhood depression and what are the signs a child is going through a major depression? It is normal for children to feel sad at times, but childhood depression is a condition beyond normal sadness. It is different from the normal blues and everyday emotions that children go through during growth. Childhood depression can seriously impact a child’s life and interfere with his or her behavior and normal daily activities, but just because a child seems sad does it mean he or she is going through a major depression. Evidently, if the child’s sadness continues for a longer period of time or if he or she develops a harmful behavior that affects his social life, schoolwork or interests, this might be a sign of a depressive illness (WebMD, n.d.).
A depressive illness cannot only affect a child’s mental health but it can also affect a child physically. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NMH, 2011), symptoms of depression includes:
• Irritability or anger
• Continuous feelings of sadness and hopelessness
• Persistent sad, anxious, or…

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