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Childhood 4-10 Years

Children of toddler age are growing rapidly & are very active, so they tend to need lots of energy & nutrients as part of a healthy diet. Therefore you should encourage your child to eat a healthy, varied diet.
Toddlers have high energy requirements compared to an adult as they are extremely active. As they have a smaller stomach they need more calories & nutrients, it is very important not to give toddlers low fat food too often, as this is not suitable for them, they need foods that are high in fat, to make sure that they get enough energy, alongside the protein, vitamins & minerals, as protein is crucial to ensuring the proper & healthy growth of toddlers, vitamins help with vision, growth,
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Vitamin D helps keep your bones & teeth healthy, it also helps control the amount of calcium & phosphate in your body.
It is important that the whole family adopts a healthy lifestyle, as habits are formed early.
Salt should be kept to a minimum as there is already salt in the foods that we buy, the daily maximum amount of salt your child should be eating varies with age. Too much salt in the body can cause high blood pressure, respiratory illness (such as asthma) & even obesity, it can also influence eating patterns in later life.

Recommended Intake | Age | Maximum Salt Intake | 0-6 months | 1g day | 6-12 months | 1g day | 1-3 years | 2g day | 4-6 years | 3g day | 7-10 years | 5g day | 11 years & above | 6g day |

Adolescence 11-18 Years

During this stage of your life, you will see many changes to your body & your lifestyle. Puberty is a major change that you will go through, so it is important that at this stage if your life you eat a healthy, varied diet, as you will form habits that will last throughout your life, try not to make poor food choices.
Adolescent individuals generally seem to drink more yet eat less, whereas the young adults prefer to eat tale away & not be as active.
Staying active & forming a good healthy diet is good for your health & can help you deal with stress, it will also help you to maintain a healthy diet & lifestyle throughout the rest of your life.

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