Child Slavery Essay

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In the modern world, slavery is still a large-scale problem. Two major culprits of slavery today are India and Mauritania. Even though they are on different continents, they both share a massive percent of the population that is tangled up in slavery. One of the major kinds of slavery in these two countries is child labor. By definition, child labor is ”The sale and trafficking of children and their entrapment in bonded and forced labor,“("What is Modern Slavery?"). Even though both countries have laws against forced child labor, they do not abide by them. The numbers for child laborers in both countries are alarming in their own ways. Forced labor is another problem area for these two countries. The definition, as defined by the U.S. Department …show more content…
Also according to the 2001 Indian Census, there were a total of 243,186,000 children aged 5 to 14 ("Census of India 2001", 37-38). 12.6 million can be divided by 243.186 million to find the percentage of children in India locked into child slavery, which comes out to a measly 5.18%. This is a staggering number, because the total percent is of children in slavery is relatively low as a result of extreme overpopulation India. Despite the percent being so low, it doesn 't change the fact that India has a child labor problem, as they boast one of the highest total numbers of child laborers in the …show more content…
The treatment of these laborers is quite similar in both countries, being brutal treatment over long hours of work with threats and mind control tactics. Jessica Reitz, who documented and published a journal on slavery in india today, claims that “Most [owners] threaten violence and some even brutalize their slaves. Rape and sexual assault of women and girls is also common,”. She also says “Slave owners exercise physical violence or psychological control over their slaves to keep them from running away,”. It isn’t just physical force that these owners are using to assert their dominance, they are messing with the minds of their slaves which is often times a more strong form of torture than physical abuse. Also stated by Mrs Reitz is “Slave owners force their slaves to work extremely long hours, so they have no time to plan an escape,”. The owners not only mentally and physically deteriorate their slaves, but they also put inhumane amounts of work on them in a day, just so even if they have the morale to attempt an escape, they won’t have the time or energy. According to the International Trade Union Confederation, slaves in Mauritania who attempted to escape were murdered when found. This is a very harsh punishment, showing the low value of one life in the slave trade in Mauritania. Both countries share the low value for life and treat people worse than the rest of the world treats

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