Globalizing Child Labour

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With the introduction of globalization in our modern society, many corporations use the economic “advantage” of child labour. This allows corporations and major franchises to save money on production of materials and raw goods. There are many factors that make this a disadvantage as well as an advantage for major companies, such as lower labour costs, lower rent costs in overseas factories but many of these come with the problem of inadequate health regulations and living costs. Many big name companies use this tactic to manipulate economic expenditure for their gain. However, this corrupts many children around the world and strips them of their childhood. That being said, child labour should not continue anywhere and should be banned globally. …show more content…
When deciding on building a new factory for their products to be made in there are two main factors, which come into play; labour costs and land space. These two will be the main questions that must be answered when looking at different regions. Companies are mostly attracted to peripheral regions where economic prosperity is hard to achieve. Many major companies such as Samsung, Apple, Walmart among many others will look for regions in, which its people are living below the poverty line according to the International Labour Office, studies suggests that “…. The largest child labourers was in Asia and the Pacific (77.7 million), followed by Sub-Saharan Africa with 59.0 million, Latin America and the Caribbean with 12.5 million and MENA with 9.2 million” (Diallo, Etienne, Mehran, 10). If people understood the “new paradigm” then maybe the global community will understand the intensity and negative impact that child labour leaves on children in the work force. Within our course discussions on child labour as a cultural norm has been mentioned as a mean to support families. There are laws in place, which enforce the amount of hours a child can work but the issue is the government actually enforcing those laws. Due to the innocent nature of children and their willingness to help their family, many companies will see this as weakness and manipulate them into working overtime and in extremely dangerous places. The families in different parts of the world are also easily manipulated because their children are their only source of income, due to a parent raising their children on their own or both parents cannot work. In many parts of the world, it is work over

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