Essay On Child Labour In America

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When I think of child labor issues in America, I do not think of current events, instead, Victorian factory workers comes to mind. Or I think of children currently working in factories in places like China. Unfortunately, child labor is still happening all around the world and in places other than factories. “ILO surveys have found that one-quarter of all children ages 5-14 are working, with many of them doing hazardous jobs.” (Child Marchers Breathe New Life Into Old U.N. Agency.) The fictional novel, Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card is set in the future and shows how the issue can be applied to life in the future. Exploiting children for labor is a worldwide problem, but yet it is still legal in America and Rwanda.

All around the world, child labor is still a common issue amongst many nations. Child labor is much easier and cheaper for businesses to use since "children are
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The effects of being a child soldier can be devastating, “children who make it out alive will most certainly have a myriad of social, physical, and emotional problems to deal with. ” (Dallaire, Romeo, p.g. 150.) The experience of war often leaves adult soldiers with emotional scars, but children used as soldiers are often left with even more problems. While adults often, but not always choose to become soldiers, children are usually forced to serve as soldiers. And because they are being exploited they are asked to do things that adults soldiers would often refuse to do. For example, In the novel “Ender’s Game,” the author illustrates this issue “I just have this picture of Ender a year from now. Completely useless, worn out, because he was pushed farther than he or any living person could go.” (Card, 174.) The novel, Ender’s Game, brings to life the experience of a child soldier and many of the problems that a child soldier might experience during training, battles, as well as long after a war is

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