Child Protected Services ( Cps ) Essays

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One of the biggest struggles for parents in the United States is raising children. Parents all have certain ways in how they raise their children that other people may not approve of. Some parents are involved in the daily activities and contribute everything they possibly can to make their children successful in life. On the other hand, there are parents that only care about themselves and neglect their children. According to in the United States of America there is an organization called Child Protected Services (CPS). The CPS job is to find parents that are neglecting their children and take them away from these unstable parents and put them in foster care, but people fail to realize the negative affects putting children in foster care systems. I believe that it is best to be raised with biological parents than the foster care system. Children that grow up in a foster care have a high rate of not being able to trust people, higher rate of becoming criminals, and higher rate of committing suicide.
Foster care systems have many issues. According to an article on, children that grow up in foster care have a high rate of chronic medical problems, educational handicaps, and severe emotional impairment. The dramatic experience of a child being taken away from their parents can cause long-term affects. For example, children that are taken away from their parents have a difficult time building a family relationship with their foster…

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