Child Poverty in the Uk Essay

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When you hear the word poverty, the images which we come across may involve people in distant lands. We have seen people who suffer greatly from poverty from the effects of wars, natural disasters, famines and bleak economic situations. it is unimaginable that here in the UK, one of the worst poverty rates since World War 2(bbc poor kids 2012). We often feel impelled to do something to help, or contribute to a cause or campaign aimed at the response to a specific need or crisis, while it is important for us to become aware of a global problem or crisis. Poverty is defined as two meanings;Absolute poverty; when a persons income is so low that they cannot afford the basic essentials for living.Relative poverty where there income is well …show more content…
Those in high unemployment and on low incomes ,Lone parents with two or more children in the household,The high use of drug and alcohol dependency needing of failure as a parent,The high rate living and social needs of the parents,The government capping benefits at an all time low,fuel consumption,borrowing money at high interest rates so parents can just get by.However, the causes of child poverty can be direct as well as indirect. Lack of resource is a direct cause of child poverty and lack of parental employment, suitable jobs or qualifications, and sometimes discriminations and racism, can be regarded as an indirect cause of child poverty. (May,Page &Brunsdon, 2000, 113) On the other hand, low paid jobs, high living cost, family structure,housing,ethnicity Unemployment plays the key role of child poverty. Those parents in a work less household have different reasons for not working. The working market does not have the work to match these people and this is not providing enough jobs to go around or not being close to homes. These households has options to take jobs away from home,( ) these are relying on government benefits to meet their basic living cost.. According to a report published by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), many entitled families do not claim benefits; perhaps they do not want to out of pride or the goverment claim they have enough money to live on. ( The ,children of this

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