Child Observation Paper

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When I arrived, Athena was finishing her morning snack/breakfast. After a few minutes, she got up and stood in line to wash her hands. (gross motor skills) While waiting, she was standing very close to the other child in front of her. With the assistance of a teacher, Athena washed her hands and pulled out a paper towel from the dispenser. When she was done drying her hands, she walked over to an area with a lot of toys. She grabbed a stuffed animal. She then started crawling around the floor as she looked at the other toys. She found a pet carrier and proceeded to put the stuffed animal into the carrier. When she finished putting the stuffed animal in the carrier, she placed the carrier on a chair. She then looked around the toy …show more content…
She pointed to a toy above her reach and said to the teacher “gimme that”. (basic grammer) She played with the toy for a few minutes. When another child showed up, she started banging the toy on the table. The teacher asked her to stop and she did. Athena then tried to help the child near her. The child turned away from Athena, refusing her help. Athena looked up at the teacher. The teacher asked Athena to “walk away”. Athena walked to the center of the classroom and spotted some boys building a castle of blocks on the floor. She walked over to them and looked at what they were doing. She stayed for a few minutes and walked to a small sofa. She sat on the sofa and started looking at the pages on the wall. She started touching the pages on the wall and talking to herself. (private speech) A teacher once again asked her if she wanted to paint a fish. Athena answered, “Ok. I have to wash my hands first.” When the teacher said she would help her, Athena said “I can do it.” She proceeded to go to the sink and wash her hands. She reached for a paper towel and dried her hands. She then went to the desk to paint a fish. Once her hands were washed, Athena went to the table and sat down. With her right hand, she grabbed a paintbrush and dipped it into a container. She flailed the paintbrush and got water/glue all over the table. The teacher walked over to Athena, grabbed her hand and guided her on how to dip the paintbrush and spread the

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