Child Labor : The Only Animal That Lives On Its Young Essay

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An educator who saw children getting taken out of school to go work once said, “Man is the only animal that lives on its young.” Child labor has been an ongoing debate in American culture. Although there are many reasons why the Child Labor Amendment should be ratified, states were, and are still today, justified in their refusal giving the government too much power, organizations and laws being created , and its decline in popularity over the years. Child labor has been a problem in America since the Industrial Revolution. During this time, going to school was considered a luxury. Most kids dropped out after primary school to work as “chippers” in turpentine camps (Amidon). In 1911, more than two million kids under the age of 16 worked 12 or more hours a day, 6 days a week, for dreadful wages in unhealthy and hazardous conditions (Freedman 15).Even though child labor seemed to be getting out of hand, in 1924 as well as 1937, a constitutional amendment was passed by congress, but not enough states voted yes for it to be ratified (“Child Labor…”). The states that voted yes had many reasons to do so. They believed that kids under the age of 18 should be in school getting an education. These states also believed that having the amendment would solve unemployment because the jobs that the children wouldn’t be allowed to work. The work would be given to the adults, therefore protecting the children.and this would also protect the children from working in hazardous…

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