Child Labor In Bangladesh Essay

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Majority of those children who do not attend schools are in the workforce, in some areas where the schools are free do not give the children the resources to participate as they cannot provide it. The children do not have the time nor the supplies to be able to attend and have to work for their bread.
Children are even sent to construction sites where dangerous conditions force them to work around the safety hazards. These long hours, isolation from a social environment, lack of education, health issues, low pay, and exposure to abuse impact the children of Bangladesh to not have a prosperous future. Children are affected in ways that impede their path to success and leave the country in a demographic turmoil and corruption as the gap between the rich and the poor continue to increase. Challenges to fight against child labor is the commonality. Many do not spot it as an issue, other factors such as the economic stratifications and the
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It is becoming difficult to hide the corrupt system as the children are being forced to lie about their conditions. The informal garment sector in Bangladesh are the most difficult to regulate. Children work in the workshops which allow them to slip under the radar and be exposed to even more exploitation. (ICF 45 2012) There is no proper laws implemented, and collapses and fires that kill thousands of children are overlooked. The informal sector in Bangladesh is vast and lacks sufficient protection. The garment industries are the more non-agricultural activities that exist in the urban informal economy. Children are imposed with an overburden of work and no recreation time, according to the ICF. One in five of these informal garments sectors use verbal and abusive language to the children to pressure them to work more. The air quality in these factories remain polluted, excessive heat, and improper emergency exits design these industries. (ICF 39

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