Essay on Child Labor And Its Effects On Children

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National Geographic states that one out of ten children ages 5 to 17 suffer from child labor worldwide. Imagine this in countries that are already struggling with poorly enforced laws. It may seem plausible that child labor would help poor families with high poverty rates, but the effects are atrocious and disturbing. Child labor can produce slowness in puberty, horrible body symptoms, or even death. China already suffers from child overpopulation while India and Pakistan undergo starvation and lack of shelter. These countries are filled with misery and are in need of guidance to find their way out of it. China, India, and Pakistan may know how to handle these hardships, but child labor is often avoided due to its confusing economic state and possible contradictions. Of course, child labor is directly pointed towards children. Most of these children are forced into work but some may volunteer to help their families who are suffering in poverty. The impact in child workers is tremendously different than in adult labourers because of their young age. Children are used because their small stature allows them to move around easier in factories since most are extremely cramped. Children do not refuse or rebel orders since they are taught to obey commands. Additionally, they can be paid less than adults because they would not have the audacity to complain. It is a smart plan to take advantage of their weaknesses, but it is completely inhumane. Many children suffer from tragic…

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