Importance Of Child Labour

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According to the UN convention (convention on the right of the child),more countries defined of children means refers to anyone under the age of 18 . However , the definition of child labour signifies work done by children who higher the age of 5 and under the ager of 15 . Some people maintain that child labour is lead to some children can not get good education of their childhood(Kweifio-Okai) ,and it also effect the children 's physical and mental health.It means that child labour deprives child of their childhood .But ,in my opinion , the child labour is cheap labour ,and the cheap Labour can maintain economic system and expand economic system ,like some Asian countries economic system.And they also can get some work experiences and ability …show more content…
Moreover ,child labour is necessary , it also maintain the economic healthy operation and society 's stable development. Another argument in favor of some children can get some knowledges and applied skills .It means that some work experience can practices children’s ability.On the other hand ,some student can not get some applied skills from school .In some respects ,some have work experiences children more than some normal children have social ability . Finally ,to support this view child labour can ease the financial burden on their families.Due to the fact that some poor family do not have enough money to supply children go to school . It should be not overlooked that they do not have opportunity to learn knowledge .If they do not go to work ,they will stay at home . Furthermore ,they also can bring economic burden to family . Therefore ,they should go to work to make money.It not only can ease the financial burden on their families ,but also can get some work ability and some knowledges.We can say that child labour can bring a lots of benefits for some countries and some families ,such as development …show more content…
Furthermore , different jobs need to have different skills and knowledges .Sometimes ,some jobs just need to understand the knowledge and skills to be able to do a job.Opponents of claim that some poor countries will have more children labour .And some people think that child labour only exists in poor countries and child labour decrease as poor countries develop,some people think that It will lead to bad economy.This opinion can be easily refuted some poor country usually need production to maintain the economy , on the other hand,some poor family do not have enough money to supply their children to school,those children will lose the only chance to change their destiny and have a good further .Moreover,If not enough cheap
Labour,such as children labour ,etc.Poor countries will be more and more

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