Essay about Child Care Level 3

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Unit/Title …. Assignment 2

Outline current legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures within own uk home nation affecting the safeguarding of children and young people?
These are the laws to safeguard children:
The children act 1989,
The children act 2004,
Child care 2006,
Every child matters,
Working together to safeguard children,
The human rights act 1998,
It might be difficult to accept but every child can be hurt, put at risk or harm or abused, regardless of their age, gender, religion or ethnicity.
Each person that comes into the childs or their familys life even for just one day have a duty to keep the children safe.
Safeguarding legislation and government guidence feels that safeguarding means protecting children
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Professionals working with children and young people such as teaching assistants, volunteers, outside agencies are crb checked. Adults working with children should also be fully trained in safeguarding children by a nominated safegurading adviser and have the opportunity to develop their understanding of the signs and indicators of abuse or neglect, this training is offered every 3 years. in order for child protection to work effectively we must ensure we have good relationships with other agencies and good cooperation from professionals that are competent in responding to child protection situations.
A procedure for recording concerns and incidents if a child discloses information that concerns his or her welfare, we must make a record of exactly what the child has said in their own words and report it to a safeguarding officer, ensuring that these records are kept confidentially and separated from pupils records.
Guidence on confidentiality and sharing, the head teacher or safeguarding officer will only disclose personal infromation concerning a child to other members of staff on a need to no basis, however all staff must be aware that they have a responsibility to share information with other agencies. If a child or young person does disclose information to a member of staff and ask that the information remains a secret, it is vital that a member of staff tells the child or young

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