Essay on Child Abuse Awareness At Cdr

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At CDR, the group is called Parent Group. This meeting was held in the morning from 9:30 AM until 11:30 AM, on April 20, 2016. There were about four to five parents present within the group who chose to stay and discuss topics within the group and connect with others.
Purpose of the group or meeting Parents who attend this Parent Group are able connect with different parents/adults whose children are attending Developmental Playgroup. This is a time in which parents can have a light breakfast, have an open discussion on a topic by the facilitator or by another parent, and gain support from others who may be lacking in support. The goals of the Parent Group was to have a light discussion on teaching/helping children learn to identify and express their emotions. Ideas on the topic were derived from Child Abuse Awareness Month. Parents in the group were extremely open to the discussion and stated that this is a topic in which they have many opinions and beliefs about. As the facilitator, my goal was to discuss a topic in which many parents can relate to and have good discussion of techniques and practices that they use in order to combat frustration and challenges. Perceptions between parents and facilitator seemed to be congruent with one another.
Group process at the meeting Initial observationThursday Parent Group are more relaxed and talkative individuals. This was told to the facilitator by multiple parents who chose to attend. The room was light and is set up in a way…

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