Chemistry Of Love : Scanning The Brain Essay

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Chemistry of Love: Scanning the Brain “in Love”
What is love? People can describe love in different forms, but for me it’s a deep feeling of affection for something or someone. Humans can feel love for their families, friends, their beloved, inanimate objects, etc… Let’s talk about the romantic love, which is the way people feel about their beloved when they are in love with them. This love feels different than the other things they feel love for. Romantic love is special because it has a motivation and a purpose, which can be proved by the reading what we did last week, “Chemistry of Love: Scanning the Brain “in Love”” by Helen Fisher. Her most important finding in this chapter is that romantic love is a drive that makes humans have sexual relations, and ultimately reproduce.
Romantic love is the deepest feeling for your beloved or love of your life. A love can impact your life in a very dramatic way, it can change the manner you see things. Fisher says ”People sing for love, work for love, kills for love, live for love, and die for love” (Fisher, 2004, p. 51). This means that the human being will do whatever is in their hands to have a romantic love in their life, no matter what it is they have to do, they will do it for love. Also, people can murder for love, it is like a need to survive. I strongly agree with this quote because I know that when people are in love they don’t think clearly in the consequences. They are just focused on their beloved and what it is necessary…

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