Chemical Reactions And Its Effect On The Egg Essay

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There are an average of six million births each year in the United States. A baby starts form when a sperm cell penetrates the outer shell of an egg. Once the egg has one sperm inside, it goes through a small chemical reaction so other sperm cells do not try to go through the egg 's outer shell. “Chemical reactions involve rearrangement of the atoms and produce new substances in this process.” (

The energy the sperm gives out in the egg causes the egg to rearrange the atoms inside of it and forces it to creates more substances to protect its outer shell. The deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) that is inside the sperm and egg join together, which causes the egg to become fertilized. Within the hours that go by, the zygote divides, and keeps dividing. “About a week later, a ball of around 100 cells (called a blastocyst) reaches your uterus and settles down into the uterine lining.” (

A blastula of cells moves to the lower part of a female 's body to a part called the uterus. It travels by the uterine lining, which is a layer on the inside of a uterus. One would carry the fetus in the womb through the time period of getting pregnant and giving birth. Throughout the time the baby is in the womb, the number of cells grow each minute, causing the baby to grow as well.

“Development, on the other hand, is that continuous process by which an individual changes from one life phase to another.” (Hole, 1981). The prenatal period is when the…

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