Chemical Reaction Essay

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1. What chemicals are harmful?

2. What chemicals are harmless?

3. What happens when you mix harmful and safe chemicals together?

4. What kind of chemicals are there?

5. What protections do you have to take while mixing chemicals?

6. Are there chemicals that are nonreactive?

7. What kind of reactions are there?

8. What container do you have to use while mixing chemicals?

9. What forms do chemicals come in?

10. What are the characteristics of a chemical?

11. What can reactions of chemicals do to animals?

12. How do chemical reactions work?

13. What kind of things can you make with chemical reactions?

14. What kind of thing are made with chemical reactions?

15. Wow do people test chemicals at home/in public?

16. How do people find different chemical reactions?

17. How do chemical reactions make life easier?

18. What kind of chemical reactions are there around the world?

19. What is the most common and rarest chemical to find?

20. What makes a chemical a chemical?



The way a chemical reaction works is when two chemicals are mixed.

When the chemicals are mixed their molecules change.

Sometimes you can mix more than two chemicals together.

In some cases, you can be affected by some chemical reactions.

People need to be careful of what chemicals their using.

If you want to mix chemicals together first you need

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