Cheerleading History Essay

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Tumbling Into the Olympics There are over 4.5 million registered cheerleaders across the world. (“History of Cheerleading”) I was one of those cheerleaders for the last six years. The hard work and dedication it takes to withstand the toll of this sport requires a determined spirit and a withstanding soul. Cheerleading has continued to show its extreme popularity among young women and men not only in the United States, but also across the world with a constantly growing number of countries that have established cheerleading as a sport. Currently, cheerleading is established in 79 countries, this number has been growing since the 1980s. (“History of Cheerleading) Its worldwide demand and cutting-edge influence on athleticism proves why cheerleading …show more content…
Cheerleading began in its early stages as fraternities where only men participated in pumping up the crowd at basketball and football games. It was not until 1923 that females began to join cheerleading teams. Soon enough women elevated the sport and began to incorporate the jumps, tumbling, and stunting that is seen today. As the number of cheerleaders rapidly began to rise, the National Cheerleaders Association was created in 1948 by Lawrence Herkimer. Since then, the NCA has only continued to grow by hosting camps, competitions, and other special events. The sport that began in colleges shortly made its way into the homes of youth across America with the incorporation of Pop Warner cheerleading in 1967. explains Pop Warner cheerleading as a “U.S. non-profit youth organization that allows younger athletes without school affiliations to join cheerleading teams.” 1967 was also the year that judged competitions began as a way for teams to find out how well their team could perform against another. Around 1972 the NFL gave recognition to cheerleaders and began to incorporate them with their football teams, beginning with the Indianapolis Colts. During the 70’s, cheerleading continued to push the limits of difficulty, finding more and more ways for jumping, tumbling, and stunting to be executed. This only increased the desire for competition, which lead to the creation of a new cheer industry of its own- All Star cheerleading. All Star cheerleading was created for the cheerleaders who did not want to cheer on the sidelines for schools and universities, but solely wanted to compete. The NCA began the All Star division in the 1980s by generating a set of rules that differed from school teams for the All Star teams to abide by. This elite group of cheerleaders grew very popular

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