Gender Discrimination In Sports Essay

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Everyday gender discrimination is invisible to most individuals. We are not aware of the several gender labels society has created. The world has developed gender labels to become a normal concept we use everyday. Gender is when an individual portrays themselves with masculine or feminine characteristics. We grow up learning and knowing about gender and their different roles in a community. Gender labels play a huge role in sports. For instance, we tend to believe and stereotype different sports for only dominating in either a male or female sport. This has become an issue that is causing discrimination between the two genders. Considering this, has gender labels limited the amount of women participating in sports because society has set lower …show more content…
It was always viewed as feminine activity and never considered a true sport. Many always perceived it to be an easy simple activity that never compared to a sport like football or basketball for example. Knowing that society has this perceptive on cheerleading, it only makes me want to work harder in the sport. Cheerleading doesn’t have the aggressive physical contact that many other sports have. Even though it does require strength and completion, it is viewed as a feminine sport. Throughout the years, cheerleading as changed. There are many competitive male athletes that now participate in cheerleading as well. This goes to show that gender discrimination in sports are modifying. Cheerleading has become more gender neutral and is encouraging both men and women to participate in cheer.
In conclusion, sports have been defined as a dominant masculine activity for years. Society has always looked down upon women participating in traditional male sports. Women have challenged that concept and changed the way we view femininity. Today, many women are rewarded for the accomplishments they have achieved in sports. The common stereotypes for females in physical activity are changing for the better. Women will soon feel the need to not have to choose between femininity and a sport once all gender labels have been removed from

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