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Performance Indicator: * The issues of the case revolved around coordination problems, spillover problems and value creation and capture (technology without a business model). * In conclusion, we should be: * Concerned if success requires all parties to move at once: the coordination problem * Concerned if the plan requires a third party to make an investment that benefits the industry as a whole: the spillover problem * Alert for value creation and capture problems * To avoid this situation, O&W needed selective flexibility in development (real options) and caution regarding the misuse of dubious analogies
Business Model of PI: * PI is a technology company that develops and markets color change or
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designing innovative products and handing them off * How a successful organization should change: stick to your knitting or reinvent yourself * How an organization can learn from an unsuccessful experience * The critical attributes of a learning organization as illustrated by processes and capabilities
Ideo 1: * 2006 Growth * Revenue growth from $ 60 m to 80 m * Expanded from 350 to 450 global employees * Added office in Shanghai * New emphasis on design for business * Added client team members * Hired “business factors” specialists * Navigating ideas through client organizations * Utilized storytelling and visualization to explain products * Vodaphone example * Client team members were “project advocates” * Fostered long term relationships for repeat business * Taught “innovation strategies,” developed “innovation capabilities” in client organizations
* Chose to enter digital photo as an integrator * Engineers accustomed to long development cycles and patent protection * Manufacturing vertically integrated * Company’s expertise: optics, perception, film technology NOT electronic digital signal processing, software, storage technology * Polaroid’s cognitive perceptions of photography, and how

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