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Citrin 1
Tyler Citrin
Professor Landan Gross
English 160 37
15 November 2012
Ernesto “Che” Guevara
Ernesto Guevara. For many, the name means nothing. Although people can instantly recognize his face, many have no idea who the man was or why you see his face on T-shirts, posters and other merchandise all around the world. Most people know him as Che. He is the man in the iconic picture wearing a beret looking outward with his pained and hopeful eyes. The famous image of Che has come to represent many things since its rise in popularity. The image has become so popular that it has come to represent more than just the ideas and life of Che. Che’s portrait has outgrown his own legacy and become an icon itself. The reason that the picture
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After high school Ernesto decided that he wanted to be a medical doctor, so he attended college in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. Before he finished college wanderlust caught a hold of him and he made plans to travel through Latin America on a motorized bicycle. He travelled with his friend Alberto Granados. During this trip Ernesto witnessed the suffering of an impoverished and exploited Latin America. It was on this trip his idealistic socialist views started to grow. After the trip he returned to Buenos Aires to finish his medical degree. From there he went to Guatemala with his lifelong friend Ricardo Rojo who would write the international bestseller My Friend Che. The reason they were in Guatemala was because the government was making progressive socialist reforms
Citrin 4 which they admired, such as the act of confiscating land from major landowners and foreign companies and distributing it to the landless poor. These actions were a threat to U.S. interests and Guevara was a witness to the U.S. backed military coup which resulted in an anti-socialist dictator being put into power. This forced Guevara to flee the country. The events in Guatemala solidified Guevara's socialist and revolutionary views. He now believed that the only way to liberate Latin America was through violent revolution. After leaving Guatemala Guevara ended up in Mexico. It was here he

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