Charles Washington, Benjamin Franklin And Thomas Jefferson Essay examples

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If you open your wallet and pull out a ten dollar bill, the face of one of our founding fathers, James Madison, will be staring back at you. Early in our school careers we are taught, if not in detail, about the constitution and the men who wrote it. As we progress we learn in more and more detail about the Philadelphia Convention and many of the key players including George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. However, all the average students’ education on James Madison will include is that he played a role in the penning of the Constitution, how crucial his contribution was is often glossed over entirely. Madison had very clear views on humanity and government and what the new American Government needed to be successful. While much has changed since his death in 1836, much has stayed the same.
1. James Madison For someone who championed the rights of the individual, James Madison held the individual and humanity as a whole in rather low esteem. He once said, “If men were angels, no government would be necessary,” (Matthews 175). It is clear that Madison did not believe men were angels because he held strongly to the belief that in order to succeed America needed a strong, central, federal government. It was not that Madison did not believe in the power of the government on the state level, but rather that there needed to exist a balance between the state and federal governments. The federal government needed the power to make the state governments abide…

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