Babe Ruth A Hero Essay

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Social and cultural development is the progression of both the social and cultural ways of living of particular people and a country. People catalyze the growth in the society and in our case Babe Ruth, Charles Lindbergh, and Henry Ford participated in the cultural and economic development of their countries. In the 1920’s people spent most of their time partying rather than working and thus athletes were heroes as they were the only source of the people's entertainment. The Model T, sports heroes, and advancement in technology helped in the development of the social activities. Babe was a hero because of his skills in baseball sport, Charles Lindbergh was seen as a hero because of his non-stop solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean while Henry Ford is still admired today as a hero because he invented an affordable locomotive. Babe Ruth played a significant role in the development of the …show more content…
Babe later became the most productive player that year. He was admired by many people because of his success in baseball by making his team be at the top of the league every year. Babe Ruth loved helping the needy, and he spent a lot of his wealth by visiting children’s home around where he lived. He also involved himself in the different charity work in the community which made most of the people in the neighborhood love him even more. In the field of baseball, people regarded Ruth as a hero (Wagenheim, Kal, 6-9) Charles Lindberg was born in the town of Detroit and grew up on a farm of Minn. In his childhood, he showed interest in engineering and thus joined the University of Wisconsin to study engineering. He later dropped out because his attention was more on the exciting field of aviation. Charles then dropped out of the aviation school and became a barnstormer, a pilot who took hazardous flights. Charles joined the army and trained as an Army Air Service Reserve Pilot, and he graduated the best in his

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