Jackie Robinson, A Man Who Changed The Face Of American Sports And Freedom

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An American hero once said, “Life is not a spectator sport. If you 're going to spend your whole life in the grandstand just watching what goes on, in my opinion you 're wasting your life (Arrowood).” Jackie Robinson, a man who changed the face of American sports and freedom. Jackie Robinson was an African American baseball player in the major leagues. Before Robinson, there was no such thing as an African-American baseball player in the major leagues. Before Robinson, there was no respect for African-American athletes. If it wasn 't for Jackie Robinson, where would this world be about with racism and segregation today? Robinson made a difference in the world, through his high school sports, to his college, to the army, and through his professional career. January 31, 1919, Mallie and Jerry Robinson had their fifth child, Jackie Roosevelt
Robinson, near Cairo, Georgia. “Mallie and Jerry Robinson were both tenant workers on the plantation of James Madison Sasser in Grady County” (York). At a very young age, Jackie Robinsons father left his mother for another women (Berndt, Hurt, Tawfeek). So Robinson was without a father and also struggled with living in such a segregated area. Georgia was a place where the Jim Crow laws were very popular. The Jim Crow laws were what separated blacks and whites from riding in the same bus or car. Robinson’s mother, Mallie, did what she thought was best for her children and moved to California where the Jim Crow laws weren 't so…

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