Characteristics Of Sibling Rivalry

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Sibling rivalry is a common dispute throughout many households. However, during my younger years, it was severely intense between my sister, Samantha, and me; in fact, the battles were so frequent and unnerving, that in 2001 she [Samantha] was forced to reside with our biological father. Scientifically speaking, opposites attract, therefore, when you have two leads of the same identity they would repulse. Our personalities and preferences may be completely opposite, never the less, my sister and I have more in common than we care to admit.
Personalities are the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character. As a conscientious person, Sam is superbly meticulous, organized and dependable, shows
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However, her persistent disposition can be mistaken as arrogant and self-centered; her thoughts and ideas are usually pondered in private. I, on the other hand, prefer to be more adventurous and spontaneous displaying an appreciation for art, adventure, unusual ideas, curiosity, and variety of experiences. An outgoing personality has allowed me to virtually perfect the art of multitasking and excel in fast-paced situations. Unfortunately, my choices tend to seem obnoxious and impractical; My thoughts and ideas are best developed through dialogue and communication. Some of the things we prefer are complete contradictions of each other; in one particular case, our predilections of our favorite times of the year. Samantha’s perfect season: summer time when crystal-clear water stretches far into the horizon yet casually strolls up against the soft sand glistening as it …show more content…
With both of us possessing a passion for the care and well-being of others, we simultaneously pursued careers in the health care industry. The warm and satisfying sensation of gratuity that flows throughout one’s body after reviewing a patients promising results and projected expectations is a mutual feeling cherished by us both. In a further attempt to care and tend to the well-being of others, we have both enjoyed traveling to other countries. Samantha has traveled to the hot and dusty rolling grasslands of Kenya, Africa where she tutored the utterly helpless children with school work and provided them with supplies. She also devoted much of her time into showing the women in the tribe how to sew dresses for the children using pillow cases as a platform. My travels took me deep into the wet jungle valleys of Central America. Alongside a dental student of the University of Florida, we voyaged to remote villages where an absence of dental hygiene resulted in the members suffering significantly from severe pain. Providing free dental care to the residents throughout the lands, we extracted over 500 teeth. Furthermore, we both are leaders. Periodically taking stock of our personal strengths and shortcomings we both acknowledge our areas of weakness and realize is does not make either of us weak; on the contrary, it allows us to delegate to others who

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