Osteopathic Nurse Personal Statement

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With time, this moral force of character has evolved into an unrelenting force enabling me to create opportunity for myself and others beyond what I thought was possible.

My commitment to service fuels my mission to become a doctor. I came to appreciate the benefits of effective teamwork and collaboration as a stimulus of the conceptualization, planning and administration of public health campaigns as a cofounder of the Blue Bra Campaign, a non-profit organization supporting the global health and wellbeing of women across the world. My internship with the International Council on Women’s Health Issues (ICOWHI) Congress exposed me to the logistical, technical, and ethical issues involved launching and advocating global women’s health initiatives.
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The effective practice of medicine is built upon the values of compassion, patient education, cultural sensitivity, and teamwork. While I have been successful in my experiences, I have only felt the same fascination in the clinical setting. Focused on challenges extending beyond their own need and into the public domain. I look forward to the opportunity to interact with students and mentors that foster a sense of shared purpose where our efforts will ripple through a multi-service environment and contribute to enhance …show more content…
Osteopaths are more than just healers; they are educators, advisors, and leaders within their community. Armed with the skills I have diligently refined through the breadth of my experiences, I am prepared to contribute my talent to enrich the learning experience of my peers and succeed in medical school. I feel excited to build upon my experiences and the chance to become a leader in the progress of humanity, and I take pride in becoming the first female physician in my family while setting a positive precedent for the advancement of

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