Characteristics Of Grit In TED Talks By Dr. Angela Duckworth

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In one of her TED Talks, Dr. Angela Duckworth explains how her theory of grit can be a predictor of a person’s success. According to her, grit is defined as “passion and perseverance for very long-term goals” (qtd in Duckworth). After hearing her talk about grit, I found myself agreeing with what she had to say and also thinking that someone who definitely show the trait of grit is my father and how in his own way he has taught that same trait as well. Of the many traits that my father has passed on to me, one I feel that is most important is grit.
A characteristic of grit that my father and I both is that we would both consider ourselves to determined individuals. Throughout his life and career my father has shown determination on numerous
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My father shows persistence by constantly proving himself and to others that he does not give up when he sets his mind to accomplishing a goal. As my father worked toward earning his teaching certificate many people questioned his ability. However, he proved them wrong and received his certification through hardwork and rigorous studying. My father was also persistent when it came to his golf game. He worked diligently for several years proving to himself that he would not give up when the game became challenging. Some ways that I have shown persistence is when I am learning something new. Softball did not come naturally to me when I first started, but I stuck with it and developed my skills until I became the experienced player that I am now. I am also persistent in my calculus class; I am constantly asking questions about the subject until I have a full …show more content…
Another quality that we both possess would be that my father and I are also straightforward and honest individuals. My father is not the type of person who tends to “sugar coat” the truth. In fact, when it comes to our grades, my father is upfront with my brother and I about his high expectations for us. My father is also always stressing to us the importance of doing your absolute best in all activities I which my brother and I are involved. I show my straightforwardness and honesty by being the type of person who does not take a person’s feelings into account when someone asks me for the truth. When my friends ask me to be honest with them, I find that being straightforward rather than trying to spare their feelings is the better decision for them in the end. When asked for my opinion, I am upfront and honest with people and I do not try to be delicate about giving my input when it is requested. While there are many traits that my father has passed one to me, I feel that the most important trait was grit. In her article, “The Power of Grit and Growth,” Milana L. Hogan explains that having grit is important throughout the challenging aspects as a person tries to achieve success (Hogan). I believe that grit has been a key factor in my father’s life and without this trait he would not have been able to achieve all that he has throughout his life. Without grit, my father would not be the person

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