Lord Of The Flies Piggy Character Analysis

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Creating an Outstanding Leader Using Characters from Lord of The Flies by William Golding From amazing to horrible, the novel, Lord of The Flies, by William Golding, has many diverse characters. The novel has good characters, such as Ralph and Piggy, neutral characters, such as many of the unnamed boys, and bad characters, such as Jack and Roger. With Ralph as leader things work out decently for the group, but with some minor alterations to his characteristics, we can make him even better. Traits such as intelligence and determination would benefit Ralph. In the novel, Lord of The Flies, by William Golding, the three characters, Ralph, Piggy, and Jack depict some characteristics of a good leader, but by combining these traits, we can make …show more content…
Firstly, Piggy is very intelligent, and an outstanding leader would greatly benefit from this trait. Piggy is a realist, and he always know what truly is going to happen. He knows that they “…May stay here till we die” (14) as he knows that people are probably not going to rescue them. As well, Piggy knows that the beast is not real, and that it s only kids overthinking and scaring themselves. A superior leader would benefit from being intelligent because they would know right from wrong and they would always know what to do in a terrible situation. Another characteristic that Piggy has that a fantastic leader would share is honesty. Piggy is very honest with what he says, although, the things he says can sometimes be too much for people. He always states what is true, for example, how there is no beast. Piggy does share the harsh truth, and when he does the small children get scared, and that is partly why Piggy is disliked in the group. An outstanding leader would possess this trait because they would be able to easily share harsh things with the public. Lastly, Piggy is calm, and someone who is a superior leader would also be calm. When in a stressful situation, Piggy stays calm (for the most part). The only time he does not stay calm is when he is being ignored, which if he was confident enough he would not be ignored in the first place. In the novel, Piggy always stays calm when he talks to Ralph about how to deal with certain situations. A fantastic leader would greatly benefit from this trait because they would be able to calmly tell the public about horrible situations going on, and be able to inform them on how they are going to solve the problem. Those are just a few characteristics that Piggy, from Goldings Lord of The Flies, possesses that an outstanding leader would also

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