Character Education And Character Education In Public Schools

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In the past decade and half the way in which teachers in America have went about teaching has changed dramatically. Further, the government has become more involved in setting standards and determining the duration period that schools have to meet these standards. In addition, character education was one of the issues at the forefront of the changes made. In my opinion, I believe all public schools should require teachers to incorporate character education in their classrooms because of the positive effects due to character education such as but not limited to: increasing the growth of positive attitudes in children, increasing academic performance, and reducing violence and bullying.
The first issue that character education improves upon is
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Adults might question, “How does character education improve my child’s academic performance?” The two subjects are more closely related than one may conclude. A sense of responsibility and diligence are two of the main concepts taught in character education. Notably, the two concepts help the students focus on the curriculum presented in class. In addition, most importantly the students will have the drive to perform well in their academic subjects along with any other aspects within their lives. Character education can also lead to better interactions with peers, teachers, and other adults within the community. Further, even though character education has proven to be a successful learning experience for children, based on the National Center for Education Statistics, only 32% of all public schools provide character education in the United States (Brown, 79). This is sadly a disservice to our community as a whole because this means more than half the children in American schools are not taught ethical and moral responsibility, and this leads to lower performing academic children and violence and bullying on a larger scale. Overall, if character education is provided, it can improve the academic performance of students within public

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