Essay on Character and Cops Ethics in Policing

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Four Final Essay Questions
Zachary Karenchak
Character and Cops Ethics in Policing

Noble Cause Corruption Are police ever justified in committing illegal acts that violate others rights are they ever justified especially when there is no personal gain but for reasons that may seem to be about a higher purpose. This is the argument for noble cause corruption. This idea brings it to the end justifies the means thinking. If we start down this line where can it lead us? The idea that we can justify any action that would violate civil rights and other laws because we feel that our cause is noble and it is not being done for personal gain but the good of others can lead us into some dark places. The noble cause thinking is
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Delattre, Edwin J. Character of Cops Ethics in Policing Fourth Edition 2002 Pgs. 217, 226-34 AIE Press

Fatalism and the Microcosm Argument This argument states that police like the rest of society will include all types of individuals just like the rest of society. This therefore will lead to having corrupt and unethical police since this is found in the rest of society. This argument is not a certainty though since not everyone wants or desires to be a police officer. The system of how police are vetted needs to be stringent so that this argument will not become fact. There are those that the persona of what an officer is and the power and status it could give to someone is the only reason it draws them. Psychological testing and close monitoring during training should be able to catch a large amount of these individuals. This has been a topic of conversation in our community with in the last several years because of all of the

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