Character Analysis: The Help

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The Help was written by Kathryn Stockett in 2009. Although this book has some very great historical features and accurate statements about life in the 60s, Stockett also does a very good job getting the readers to think. She shows such emotion in the way she writes the book, it emphasizes how the characters are feeling. Each character is going through such a controversial time in their lives, they must choose which side they are on. The way the book is written portrays the differences in actions and feelings of the characters as the story goes on. Each chapter shows the viewpoint of the main characters. The book flows very well to show the transition through changing motivations and actions to the difficult situations they are put in. The …show more content…
When the book started the author introduced Aibileen. Aibileen would identify herself with a general term: The Help. In the book, she is a maid for Mrs. Leefolt. The way she interacts with Mrs. Leefolt is different than an everyday conversation. She is always polite, always agrees with what Mrs. Leefolt says, (even if she doesn’t agree), she never sits down in their home, and she obeys every ridiculous thing Mrs. Leefolt tells her to do. Even when Mrs. Leefolt doesn’t treat Abilene like a real person, Abilene still take the criticism and doesn’t talk back. Aibileen is so careful towards the beginning because she has a psychological fear that if she does something wrong, a lot of bad things will happen to her. For example, Yule May’s son got beat up just because he used the white bathroom. One little slip up could get any black person in this book dead. Towards the end of the book though, Aibileen started to take more risks. She got more comfortable with Ms. Skeeter, and eventually told her everything. Her motivation to change things in Mississippi overcame her fear of getting in trouble and …show more content…
Skeeter’s feelings and fears. She started off scared and timid always going with what was popular and not always what was right. As the book went on, the author started to write about what Ms. Skeeter actually felt about life there. The author finally showed that Ms. Skeeter could break out of her fears in order to fulfill her motivation to make things right. Unlike most of the white women in Jackson, Mississippi, Ms. Skeeter has a kind heart and cares about every person no matter what color. The author shows that Ms. Skeeter is not only driven to be a writer, she is also driven to make a change in this horrible time period. For example, every time Ms. Skeeter would get a call from Mrs. Stein she would get so excited that she would go out and tell Aibileen all about it. She was excited that she might be able to become a writer and that they might be making progress against segregation and discrimination. The author expresses this change over time by showing differences in actions where Skeeter may have done something different before she started testing the odds.
In conclusion, the author does a good job of showing a change in motivation and fears as the book goes

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