The Super Man Character Analysis

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After his brother is killed, a drunk goes after his brother, who committed the murder and kidnapped his niece and nephew.

A young Tossabout King watches as his abusive father buries his mother and young sister. Both have a single bullet in their heads. Tossabout’s brothers Drover, and Pap also watch. Tossabout finds the rag doll that his dead sister clutches and takes it with him.
Years later, Tossabout is a drunk, who still has his dead sister’s rag doll. Drover is an outlaw, who wears a long chain and who taunts Tossabout. He takes the doll away from him. Drover is after pieces of a map leading to a gold mine that his father gave each of the brothers. Tossabout claims not to have it. Tossabout has a terrible stutter around
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This intriguing western features the elements that make for a successful western film, including a cold-blooded outlaw, murder, kidnapping, a gunfight, and the theme of good versus evil. The story also explores justice, revenge, and redemption.
What makes this Western stand out from others is the idea of one brother going after another brother for killing their sibling. This creates plenty of personal conflict.
Moreover, the story contains several twists and turns with an ending twist that is sure to satisfy the audience.
Overall, the goal is clear for the hero: find his killer brother. The stakes are high: life and death. The tone is consistently dramatic. In addition, the script offers a cast of original characters and contains some very powerful scenes.
With that said and while this script should be considered for productions, there are areas of the script that would benefit from possible revisions. This includes the first act and making it clear that Tossabout is the protagonist. He needs to drive the story more effectively in the first act. Also, the pace can be enhanced to keep the momentum flowing well. The script relies a bit too much on dialogue and transitioning back and forth from one scene to the next that breaks the pace. The ending also feels like it should be tighter. There are some scenes that could possibly be cut and a scene added regarding Victoria’s

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