Mr. Incredible Character Analysis

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Mr. Incredible is designed to be a strong, selfish and a determined hero. We can appreciate and despise Mr. Incredible, at different points in the film. He is a typical heroic father, saving the world but he doesn't always consider his family. Mr incredible has amazing strength. He is able to carry trains, cars and big heavy rock statues and anything that a normal human can’t carry. For Mr Incredible to be able to carry this much weight he must have huge muscles and he has to train as much as possible to achieve this. The fact that he is strong makes us like him as we feel safe around strong people because they can help us. He is selfish in so many ways. At one time in the film Mr. Incredible leaves his family back at home while he is enjoying …show more content…
We despise this character because he does not want super heroes to exist. He is a classic example of an evil villain character. Syndrome is vengeful and cannot forget what has happened. For instance the time when Mr. Incredible rejected Syndrome as his side kick and did not allow him to Incrediboy. This informs us that Syndrome does not let go of what has already happened. He had stayed angry and vengeful, and all that anger has built up in him. We all see him as a venomous and a dangerous character. Not only is Syndrome vengeful but he is also smart. Syndrome built flying boots, zero-gravity pointer and a machine that destroys superheroes. Syndrome learns and excels in technology and he gets ideas from previous heroes who have died. He builds up this knowledge and constructs deadly weapons. We all hate Syndrome for his evil plans and the use of the technology. All these dreadful things that have happened to Syndrome he never told anybody his problems causing him to be ignorant and left with no wisdom .Clearly Syndrome is lost and does not know what to do. He does what is wrong. He does not know how to fix his problem. So he becomes evil and wants to destroy heroes. The audience is positioned to see Syndrome as a confused and a hated character. Overall, Syndrome is evil and smart character but also confused and has no feelings for other people. He does not care what will happen to other people if he

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